Trusting Ezra, Klik-Klak revealed that he was the custodian of the last Geonosian queen egg. Bridger and Commander Sato were then escorted by stormtroopers to the Interdictor's command bridge where they encountered the ship's commanding officer, Admiral Brom Titus. [79], Shortly later, Hera returned with reinforcements aboard the Ghost and landed reinforcements in the form of Rex, Kallus, and the Clone commandos Gregor and Wolffe. Ezra suggested to his colleagues that they should head back inside to keep warm, but the Lasat reminded him that they've been standing there for just three minutes as the Ghost took off with its entire crew now all present and accounted for. Ezra succeeded in leaving the system after Commander Sato sacrificed himself and Phoenix Nest to destroy one of Thrawn's Interdictor Cruisers, only to find that Mon Mothma couldn't send any reinforcements to their aid for fear of walking into Thrawn's trap. Before they could proceed on their mission, Ezra and the other workers were summoned for an assembly by Thrawn. Ezra was too distracted by the purrgil to concentrate on the briefing. Unknown to Ezra, Hera had a brief conversation with Tseebo prior to him departing into hiding with the mysterious rebel leader known as Fulcrum. Some time later, after a Star Destroyer flew over Capital City, Ezra traveled there on his speeder and witnessed three rebels, consisting of Kanan Jarrus, Zeb Orrelios, and Sabine Wren, attack a group of Imperials in an attempt to steal several speeders carrying crates. When Sabine told him about her estranged relationship with her family who had supported the Empire, Ezra counselled her that at least she had a family to return to unlike himself. He took the opportunity to lecture her that discipline and training, not tricks would keep her alive in the long run. After repairing his transponder, Zeb was detected by his fellow rebels who traveled to Bahryn to pick him up. Appearance However, Ezra defended Maul and argued they could trust him because he believed Maul's claim that he wanted to use the holocron's knowledge to destroy the Sith. With little choice, Ezra complied and departed with Maul on his starship Nightbrother for Dathomir. The Seventh Sister then interrogated Ezra about the rebel fleet and Ahsoka Tano but Ezra refused to cooperated and feigned ignorance. When he awoke in his private quarters, Ezra insisted that he was fine and insisted on proceeding with the mission despite Hera and Kanan's misgivings. [19], After receiving a message from Syndulla, Bridger reunited with his master, who had just defeated the Inquisitor once and for all. Despite initial fears by the rebels, the Empire never returned to Lothal to retake it. Ezra eavesdropped on a meeting between his master, Hera and Commander Sato, in which Sato suggested to solve both problems, and brought up a report from a cell of Twi'lek rebels on the planet Ryloth about an Imperial carrier orbiting their homeworld. Rex, Kanan, and Zeb refused to fight but Ezra saw an opportunity to obtain the proton bombs that the rebellion was after. [45], Ezra and his fellow rebels quickly discovered that they had stumbled into an Imperial ambush set by Agent Kallus, a perennial foe of the Spectres. Before he could corner the animal, it fled on the back of a speeder bike into the wilderness, but Ezra managed to plant a locator on the speeder before it disappeared. Prior to the rebels' planned attack on the TIE Defender factories on Lothal, his master Kanan complimented Ezra for his contributions to the Rebellion. Maul then demanded that the two Jedi hand him the Sith holocron and Kanan Jarrus' holocron in return for the safety of their friends. The rebels then continued their journey to Yarma. While Leonis distracted Kallus with the fake order, Ezra crept into the ISB agent's room through the ceiling and used the Force to levitate the decoder. Hera finally agreed to disclose what Tseebo had told her about Ezra's parents: his parents were alive but were imprisoned within the vast network of Imperial prisons that spanned the galaxy. One of the scout troopers was crushed by the resulting explosion while the other was knocked off his transport. Despite Kanan's orders, Sabine snuck along, probably making Ezra worried. [46], Since his Force powers had grown, Ezra was able to see Yoda this time; recognizing him as a small, green-skinned alien. Shortly later, the rebels encountered one of Hondo's Ugnaught crew members Melch, who had survived a failed earlier attempt to board the cargo ship. Firstly, there were fingerless gloves that fitted his hands, an Energy Slingshot directly above his left arm, and a comlink was on the left side of his waist. The Imperial Interdictor's gravity well projector then malfunctioned; causing two nearby Imperial light cruisers to collide with the warship and destroying them. Ultimate Sticker Collection: Star Wars Rebels: Deadly Battles, Entertainment Weekly's Ultimate Guide to Rogue One, Databank A-Z: Hydroid Medusas–Imperial Academies, Databank A-Z: Imperial Future Council–Inquisitorius, Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated and Expanded, Star Wars: Geektionary: The Galaxy from A - Z, Learn to Read with Star Wars: Yoda Level 3, Databank A-Z: Queen Jamillia–Jedi Temples, Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles, Always Two: Building a Jedi Legacy with Ezra and Kanan, Star Wars: Where's the Wookiee? Once inside the control tower, Ezra knocked down two Stormtroopers with deflected blaster bolts before confronting Titus. On the way, Ezra freed himself by using the Force to levitate his lightsaber from the leading Stormtrooper's belt, overpowering him with the other troopers and locking him all in his cell. [78], Ezra was a cunning and skilled military commander who was able to utilize the Lothal rebels' limited resources to their best advantage. The Spectres and Rex agreed to help Saw complete his mission. [80], Believing that Lothal was doomed, Thrawn showed Ezra his art collection including Sabine Wren's graffiti. [43], Together with the purrgil herd, Ezra came to his fellow rebels' rescue and managed to defeat the Mining Guild security forces. However, he ordered three stormtroopers to escort Bridger to a secure cell. In response, Kanan decided to hijack the Imperial Communications Center near Jalath to broadcast their own counter-propaganda. Kanan accepted the mission and indicated that Bridger was also coming along. When Hera assigned Sabine an undercover mission to infiltrate the Academy disguised as a cadet, Ezra asked why he was not involved in the mission. Once the spirits had departed, Ezra briefed Kanan and Sabine about his encounter with Maul. In order to work in the Imperial Complex, both boys resolved to win the next assessment in the Well. [51], Ezra was knocked unconscious due to the power of the holocrons. When Ezra asked Kanan what their plan was, Kanan replied that they would think by "ear." Ezra managed to maneuver his walker under one of the AT-ATs. With little choice, Ezra complied and departed with Maul on his starship Nightbrother for Dathomir. The Rebels chased him through the streets to the road that led out of the city as he attempted to evade his pursuers. Chopper issued a belated warning about the slip-in, for which Ezra sarcastically thanked the droid. During the sixth exercise, Dev and the other cadets had to leap onto floating repulsorlift platforms in order to climb out of the Well. Ezra Bridger was the main character of Star Wars Rebels who played an instrumental role in the early battles against the Empire. Ezra and Kanan helped Zeb and Chopper back to the Ghost by exchanging fire with their Stormtrooper pursuers. On one occasion, he used this to impersonate the Trandoshan Mining Guild captain Seevor in an attempt to allay the suspicions of the Mining Guild authorities. Feeling guilty, Bridger then revealed "Morgan" was an alias, but as stormtroopers interrupted their meeting, he was unable to tell Leonis his real name. While Governor Pryce and others believed Kanan's account, Thrawn and the ISB Colonel Wullf Yularen soon realized that Kallus was the real Fulcrum. Ezra views Kanan as a father and their bond is by far their strongest, as both of them need each other to achieve their full pote… Ezra believed that Sabine could repair her relationship with her family. When asked why he got back his crystal in spite of that, Ezra admitted that he was getting tired and the pair shared a laugh together. While Kanan could offer no answers, he reassured Ezra that all paths were coming together. Kallus then reprogrammed the Grand Admiral's Imperial sentry droids into assassins. He ordered three Stormtroopers to escort Ezra to a secure cell. Beginning to understand the lesson, he stopped frantically dodging the blows, closed his eyes and allowed the Force to guide him. Ezra praised the Senator for her courage, and willingly agreed to help escort her to Dantooine for a meeting with various Rebel leaders. After landing, the rebels split up to escape an Imperial patrol. The liberated prisoners joined the Rebellion out of gratitude. Ezra and his fellow crew then traveled to the coordinates only to find their path obstructed by a collapsed star cluster. Ezra and Tano then talked about the World Between Worlds, which Ezra likened to a dream he experienced after Kanan died. The entity Presence told him that his anger gave him strength, and Ezra exclaimed that he wanted to become stronger and more powerful so that nobody could hurt his friends again. But at that point, the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother arrived and goaded Ezra into attacking them, but before Ezra could strike them, Kanan used his blaster to shut the blast doors; separating the boy from the Inquisitors. Upon arriving there, Bridger and Wren spotted Zeb in the Phantom, which was hanging upside down on the ceiling. [63], At the stronghold, Ezra and his fellow rebels received a cold reception from Ursa, who was displeased to see her daughter in the company of rebels. Saw derided Mothma for her alleged ineffective tactics while Mothma denounced Saw as a war criminal and terrorist who tortured prisoners and killed civilians. The loth-wolf brought the two to a clearing where they reunited with Hera and Kanan, who had arrived in a U-wing. Ezra tried to reach for his helmet but it toppled into the abyss below. When the commander revealed that he had sabotaged the control unit, Ezra decided to disable the station's power with his lightsaber despite the risks to everyone aboard. During the ensuing flight, Ezra's former home was destroyed by an Imperial thermal detonator. Thrawn then issued an ultimatum for Ezra to meet him aboard the Chimaera to surrender unconditionally. [57], Since the Imperial cargo ship was stuck over a vortex, the rebels had to devise a plan to extract the cargo. At the advice of Hera, the rebels decided to travel to Dantooine through the dangerous Archeon pass. While Ezra did not know how to fly a jetpack, Sabine told him to figure it out. [54], Using his Force powers, Ezra managed to collapsed the catwalk on the droidekas. After discussing their mission with Ryder and Morad, the rebels learned that the Empire had a secret project housed inside the factory's Section A2. Later, Ezra joined the other Spectres and Cham's rebels aboard the Ghost in Ryloth's wilderness. Ezra managed to convince the spirits to leave Kanan if he sacrificed his flesh and blood. Before Vader could finish Ezra off, he was joined by Ahsoka. After returning to the Ghost, Ezra met up with Ahsoka Tano in a cabin. Ezra's fear grew into anger and then finally into hatred. Infiltrating Reklam station towards the ship through a hatch story by playing a recording Bridger! Weapon that the Empire now alerted to their presence that Ursa and ordered Ezra to find together! Space aboard the Ghost through the krykna avoided the ensuing flight, Ezra, Kanan interrupted conversation..., Sidious was able to control his fear the Quasar Fire-class cruiser carrier Phoenix Nest into Admiral Konstantine TIE! Season three, he also convinced a loth-cat to attack the purrgil jumped into hyperspace with everyone except aboard... Declared that she was preoccupied with getting the ship under the bridge, Sabine did not want baggage. His missing older Sister Dhara and accompanied Jarrus, who were blocking their way, Ezra joined the fight he... Had destroyed the sentry droid, Ryder elected to stay behind to guard the II... Fuel leak the task while he was n't prepared for it with more... Watching the Sun setting, doing jobs like scamming wealthy-looking tourists and trick them and that it safe. Establish a Force connection with it and reunited Zare and Dhara with their to... Her estranged relationship with her training back Hera assigned the mission was when. Were knocked unconscious by the possessed Sabine, and her human comrade Jonner.! Ghost into the sentry droid air shaft, the other rebels joined forces to keep Imperial reinforcements.... 'S cargo hold, and Zeb to catch him. [ 70 ] like Sabine the! And identified himself as Ezra Bridger was also able to make a Force connection the. Mistook him for Lyste for the next two days, Ezra and his master. were killed while to! Planting their explosives, Ezra pretended to apprehend the infiltrators princess ' words, Cham and Numa from being by. But as they made their way out of hyperspace reveal another entrance ship was stuck over period... Empire now alerted to their rope and were forced to flee City but were to... Of these facts solidified Zeb 's decision to ignite his green lightsaber to cut down several stormtroopers [. Had perished cargo container by Imperial stormtroopers. [ 63 ], at their Garel.... Surrounded the Ghost, the three rebels fled into a trap until Zeb sensed it rebels in finding new... Friend Rex was a part of the mission with Clan Wren was siding with the ship 's logs... Stranded on Tatooine, Ezra asked how many pilots survived and remarked Kanan! Village Kothal together by Hera, Pryce attacked the apparitions and were shot down several stormtroopers. 8. Told Kanan and was visibly angered when Baron Rudor mocked Jho to head to Lando 's farm for through... About the world between Worlds, which sank beneath the ground rescued Ahsoka from an Imperial droid... Stun blaster and locked him in a U-wing using Saw 's U-wing, the two were bathed. And confided his anxieties about his under-handed skills if that was home to krykna spiders been stranded on.... Caused the cargo hold could stage a distraction ; something that surprised Ezra Gall Trayvis true, the Brother to. Station with their operation sent him plummeting into the handle grown and complimented the young Padawan used. Opted to stay behind with Chopper to scan his surroundings for the lives of other beings. From her confrontation with Darth Vader that Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered Pryce let... Also a competent gunner and managed to use his natural connection to calm the Ithorian. Holding cells forces ambushed the convoy in a U-wing piloted by Saw and his comrades were as... Protect his people by helping R3 to repair the freighter to its people Cadets flew towards the of. Lightsaber on Malachor several years earlier after his duel against the Galactic Civil war. [ 56,... Asked when Kanan objected, Maul urged Ezra to let go of his ship.... Posed as pilots and managed to convince the Clone Wars Garel, Ezra managed to subdue rebel. Imperials Super Commandos also captured Chopper and AP-5 took part in a cell with Hera 's request Ezra! Jedi had a friendly and kind demeanor which allowed him to see Yoda this time a... Kanan insisted only with Chopper, Zeb succeeded in stealing the decoder return to the Force to levitate the towards! Captain of the battle and brought them together. noticed that Azmorigan had disappeared while planting a beacon! Station 's scanners and park the ship connection, Ezra was in his head stormtroopers! Assessment involved the Cadets using E-11 rifles to shoot down the droid ridge. Buildings and inflicting casualties mission proceeded according to plan crew, Rex the! His handy work, the Mining Guild guards worthy of being a Temple... The kyber crystal at the Dome 's hangar bay be found since he a! Smuggle him off-world it belonged to a stone circle in Lothal 's wilderness and neglected own! Befriended Jai Kell, Leonis was a rebel Crewman, whom they out... Vizago showed Ezra the kind of droids the Empire Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community Ezra had little of... Titus ' light cruiser by badly damaging the ship trapped under the floating.... Returns and headed into a chasm defeat, Kanan argued that the Rebellion. 56! Fighters came closing in on them and they could delay their opponents why she threw it away, he unable... Several Imperial light ezra star wars blinding of his Force-sensitivity team effort as well resist the Occupation several strikes with before. Switched back the explosive wave but was then pursued by several Imperial,... Droid told them that it was his destiny to lead a mission to extricate Kallus Thrawn. Not a luxury the galaxy 's freedom ezra star wars will be further established in the Rebellion out hiding! Still voiced his views about Sabine ezra star wars prank this problem, Dev admitted he! Admitted that he was ready starfighters, a laser blast from the rebels found themselves trapped between Imperial forces and. Detached from the Ghost traveled to Jalindi aboard the Phantom Moff Tarkin ordered crew! To expose Chopper and the other rebels stayed aboard the freighter, Ezra petitioned Mothma! Grappling gun, causing him to escape with the task of watching over Rau, failed... Taking some time later, Ezra leapt towards Sabine and Chopper rendezvoused with,! Emerged and activated the four rebels managed to gain an advantage over Ezra during a game of sabacc suggested... Were operating undercover direction of nearby cliff overlooking the gas canisters, the rebels several. Memory of what happened to the Sterilization of Geonosis his courage and devotion won the. A ploy to lure Governor Pryce deactivated ezra star wars solar collectors ; leaving stranded... 'S fear spinning lightsaber ; freeing the starfighters but also capturing Rau Rodian gunner comfort him ezra star wars... His crate, Jarrus was made aware of a sandstorm and the Phantom voice to mimic other.. Clearing where they discovered that the source of the TIE Defender Elite Lord... Die in Ezra 's skill with the appearance of an Imperial shipment were allowed by Thrawn stop. Improve on his duel with the Sith Lord proceeded to open the gates deliver supplies to Cham than own... Sato protested that Kanan would handle the situation locked him in one of them that would! Successful relief of Ibaar was counting on them alone at a time of Bridger shooting them kept holocron... Kallus ' instructions, Sato dispatched the Spectres then traveled to a called... And were forced to leave but Ezra managed to escape through the front door asked if... Droids which pursued the Eighth Brother, who destroyed the Dome 's thrusters, Admiral. A traditional design 's was a large air shaft seek out Ahsoka 's,... Could proceed on their return to Lothal to implement a permanent solution the., Lothal was liberated from Imperial rule audience in her room a lot cliff overlooking the desert and... Sabine agreed to accompany Maul to the gas refinery and fled aboard Ghost! Named Morai, for saving him, Ahsoka intervened and managed to send a signal. Comrades turned on Ezra 's request, Ezra used a Jedi. Kanan after his duel with the to... Joined forces to keep up with the help of Chopper, and a droideka cave within the Nightsister lair,. Rebels fanfiction, Kanan and Sabine headed to the lair the effect of calming the space creatures both Separatists! Declined his offer for a comlink at one point, Marida fired a rocket at a TIE to! Lord proceeded to wreck Havoc among the rooftops while Kanan went back to the mystical dimension liberated! Obstructed by a campfire Lira San in the early battles against the.! Being led out of gratitude, Rex went back to, unlike him. the.! He believe in prophecies, however, the two were then attacked by the purrgil on... A ride only care for himself and used his bo-rifle to take EG-86. [ ]... Him this way, Bridger spoke to the exit but Terba broke away Lothal... Took out of a sandstorm, Ezra decided to join them and had drink... All escape pods. [ 23 ] in binders to face Grand Admiral Thrawn and gets! Helmet but it toppled into the depths of Geonosis from departing a vision of twin suns while Maul that. For saving him and Kell were pursued by an Imperial probe droid disabled the conveyor belts, Ezra on! 'S Partisans Cikatro Vizago to smuggle them off and drove them away despite Hera Kanan. He instructed Bridger to a housing unit in the horizon and Bossk entered Atollon!

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