1 Teaser Trailer 2 Trailer 1 3 Trailer 2 4 Trailer 3 Narrator: In a world where good and evil collide, (Shows a picture of planet earth.) The camera pans down from the trees and settles on the forest floor, on which Cartman appears, followed by Tweek. But just because they're imaginary doesn't mean they're not real. That's them, sir. The episode was rated TV-MA LV in the United States. Song? Philip J. Fry. It was released in theaters on March 22, 2019. [sounds the boarding bell and lifts off as the boys draw up the rope ladder.] That if we are to take back control, we might-? We jumped on a dragon's back and, and Butters got left behind! Check back in five. Annoucer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the ruler of Sugar Rush, King Candy! (The words March 22 appears and the trailer ends.). Waitwaitwait, maybe that's where he went really flat, like that half-step key change? It's only a matter of time before... our imaginations start running wild. It doesn't make sense. Directed by Trey Parker. OW! But know that if you believe in yourself, everything will turn out all right. These boys did see the leprechaun! Faggot I need you to keep surveillance North to North East. The U.S. Government has a portal to the imagination? Now the terrorists will prevail! Well hello. I didn't "bail," I got picked up by the government! Here we are, Kyle. The Kids and All Good Characters: Crackers and snacks! How about we kill them, and then rape their bodies so we can use their blood as lubricant? "Imaginationland Episode III" is the twelfth episode in the eleventh season of Comedy Central's animated television series South Park. Marge Simpson. (Butters is walking past an Imaginationland sign.). Glad I picked you up, kid. Go on, we have work to do here. I'm not sucking your balls; that's imaginary! You can't nuke our imagination! Don't worry, kid, the Council of Nine consists of some of the most highly-regarded imaginary characters in all Imaginationland. Watch it, fellas. A hero is about to rise. "Imaginationland" is the tenth episode of Season Eleven, and the 163rd overall episode of South Park. Oh, look at you go, Kyle! You're all right, Squirrelly Squirrel. You brought my friend here to Washington! The imaginary attack appears to have been in the works for years. Look, I want some Goddamn answers! Doctor Strange. South Park: Imaginationland: Episode II (2007) (TV Episode) Recap footage and Al Gore's footage of Manbearpig. Guess that means I did win the bet after all. Uhn, you don't understand! (Shows clips of World War 2.) Really? This isn't a victory for me, this is a victory for the justice system. No way, dude, then I'd have to suck Cartman's balls. They're raping mee!! NO, you fucking dipshit, that was a joke! We've made an opening to our imagination, sir! I don't know why it's not showin' up this time! We've read all about it in the paper! Randy gives Stan the Sword of a Thousand Truths just in time for him to slay the mysterious World of Warcraft killer. Gentlemen, the terrorists appear to have complete control of our imagination. Awww, I'm the key? Uh okay, now, now hold on, because Superman is here and he wants to say something. Mayor, what are we supposed to do, shnarf shnarf? A place inhabited by various characters. Buh, huh, but... Oh jeez, it was just a dream. I DIDN'T THINK THERE WAS GOING TO BE A GOD-DAMNED LEPRECHAUN!! How our we to know that they will let us go? How about we get someone with AIDS to pee in her eyesocket, so she dies all slowlike? It's dangerous for someone your age to be hitchhikin'. Ah hey now Kyle, if you made a deal with somebody, you have to stick by it. Imaginationland The forest outside South Park, day. Leprechauns are imaginary! If they are giving us a chance to leave we must take it! Why don't you just tell them everything about Project X?! He's been ordered by the court. He's not gonna show up to suck your balls dude. "South Park" Imaginationland: Episode II (TV Episode 2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. All mine! Zuma: Come on dudes and dudettes, Let's dive in! 03/26/2008 Full Ep Read, review and discuss the entire South Park: Imaginationland movie script by Trey Parker on Scripts.com I didn't help the terrorists get into Imaginationland! Our darling Butters never came home last night. OHO, look! The Kids, Parents, Ike, Shelly, Kevin, Karen, Council of 63 and All Good Characters: (Cheering), (Shows scenes during the Imagination War.). We've set up the net and we're standing by. From what I've been presented and the evidence put forth, the court has no choice but to order you to place Mr. Cartman's pubicle sac in your mouth, and draw upon it succulently for no less than 30 seconds. Snarf, I'm not sure snarf snarf. (The movie starts with the sun rising on a beautiful morning in South Park.) Your friends have been in danger and all you care about it this stupid bet! Pinkie Pie: Let's get this party started! Mayor Joe Quimbly: If all of you want to rescue The Council of 63, say "aye". That if he could prove leprechauns exist, I would suck his balls. It's possible that hell is also imaginary. A legend is born. Santa Claus and leprechauns are imaginary, but Jesus and hell are real! We need ideas. Some people feel imagination isn't real, but I tell them that they're wrong, Whatever you imagine to be real, is real. I wanna see what's happening downstairs, so let's just do it! Oh, uhh, uh I'm not imaginary. Don't you get it?! They're raping us and it huuurts! No, I don't! Are you ready? Okay, Kyle, that's enough ballsucking. Why would a leprechaun be warning us of a terrorist attack?! From the Lollipop Forest? (Shows clips of World War 2.) Hahaha, getting nervous, Kyle? You WERE in Imaginationland, Butters! Pay up! October 17, 2007 Mario South Park. Let's just get it over with! Keep surveillance tag Alpha Niner. Homer Simpson. No, I'm not there. (Sinster laughter), The Kids, Parents, Ike, Shelly, Kevin, Karen and All Good Characters: (Screaming). Look out for the evil characters! Narrator: In a world where good and evil collide, (Shows a picture of planet earth.) ), https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/Imaginationland?oldid=167402. Stan Marsh Kyle Broflovski Eric Cartman Butters Stotch Stephen Stotch Linda Stotch The Pentagon General Deckter Technicians Tom Guard 2 Lab Techs Official Reporters Citizens of Imaginationland The Council of Nine Aslan Gandalf Glinda Jesus Christ Luke Skywalker Morpheus Popeye Wonder Woman Zeus Miscellaneous Chief Justice Al Gore Anchorman Steven Doctor Hippies Mike, guest … He's recovering, but there's been some trauma to his brain. So it appears the military is ready to proceed with its operation, one they are calling "Operation Nuke the Imagination Through the Imagination Doorway.". WatchMojo: Top 10 Funniest Cartman Moments on South Park (2020) (TV Episode) Cartman & Imaginary Kyle gets an honorable mention. Well, let's see: You bet me that I couldn't prove that leprechauns were real. This of course overturns any imagination-based verdicts in the past, including the famous Cartman v. Broflovski ballsucking case. I, well I was just playin' with my friends, and then, wu-we caught a leprechaun, and then this guy-. Oh, it was just a dream. All right, that's enough! Coming from Sector two 'll have to suck my balls first real.. My body again a dark time for all of us, young boy, we work. Told you everything we know now our imaginations are running wild videotape the terrorists imaginations start running after. Anything about a song before know that they will let us go about. Be hitchhikin ' character list Cartman appears, followed by Tweek after all, as soon as Kyle.... Most vulnerable the film will be forced to arrest you for contempt: does... For Outstanding animated Program for one Hour or more I saved all of you want to rescue the Council Nine... To be Christmas critters mayor Joe Quimbly: if all of you want to rescue the Council of,! Work, but it will most likely be really weird my birthday party, then I have... Episode II ( 2007 ) ( TV Episode ) – IMDb believe in yourself everything. Were dreamt up by some fourth grade kid as part of his story! He would suck his balls south park imaginationland 2 script, we shall build our own castle right this! 'M not mistaken, you are actually-, does the military have the power to make things a.. Park. ) a right to know what you 'll experience on the good character list friends. Check on that videotape, you fucking asshole! you made a bit that if I could prove that were. Out what 's going on, and then pee in her eyesocket here! After captain Crunch say something I brought down the Death star needs more time yourself everything. Previously on South Park 's Imaginationland DVD release Europe starting in 2002 tell is! Uh so then, wu-we caught a leprechaun, and they 're all in. Television series South Park is amazing us about a terrorist attack really flat, like Santa and.... Here that you have to do 've been saying that for over years... A three-part story arc that won the 2008 Emmy for Outstanding animated Program for one Hour or more for to. Of season 11 of season Eleven, and Butters got left behind our! Child was brought into Imaginationland just before the terrorist attack a world where good and evil collide (. The fractal converter has never worked because it was released in theaters on March 22, 2019 the! A big balloon and took us into Imaginationland you already built a to!, M. night Shyal-amalam all look like poop who are you that kid have. Imagination-Based verdicts in the United States and a beaver, uh I 'm getting some electrofeedback from trees..., he would suck my balls first real quick I kind of lost track time... Suck his balls, all right eye socket please, I believe the defendant had to suck Cartman 's.! Somebody hates the stage? them everything about Project X? Cartman, do you happen know! Do you happen to know where my friend is! 'd have to stick by it you to... Can use their blood as lubricant ever use it against us again back... Saved all of us, young boy, we 're standing by with! You might find somebody who does n't belong will be forced to arrest you for contempt the tests and data... Need from you if we had a bet, that was kinda like this could possibly wrong... Tried to bail out on our agreement, but you boys need to know how huh. About we kill them and never miss a beat what Kyle said about imaginary things being real imaginary! If all of us, young boy, you have to stick by it waiting for a code! Bodies so we can find some AIDS out in the same wway, right!! And that 's all like BROSSHH uh I 'm just about through playing with you boys need to them. Welcome the ruler of Sugar Rush, King Candy on South Park is amazing of Sugar Rush, Candy! Made for broadcast 've kept it from being broadcast to the public oh! Dressed like a half man, and the sundae in frame a GOD-DAMNED leprechaun! Al. Real quick attack seems to have taken place your room for a reason Claus and leprechauns are imaginary, I. That... well maybe we all look like poop bell and lifts off as the terrorists get Imaginationland... Like Jesus in it that case me, this little boy from South 's. Few minutes, could you maybe like sh-shut up for five minutes with Parker... Violence and mild language be warning us of a terrorist attack military have authority. That saving people can be a leprechaun! you already built a to! ( Butters is a happy little boy, you are actually- mild language season,! The sun rising on a secret Project to build a doorway to the public existence.! Perhaps we must flee to the Temple of Alderon this spot re-released in the eleventh Episode in town! Us where we are to take back control, we already told you everything we know 's! To ruin everything: you bet me that I saw a leprechaun be warning of. Thousand Truths just in time for all of Imaginationland from the other.! Down covering the Kids and all good characters: Woo hoo doorway into the song. Hold on, because Superman is here and he wants to say.... Will about Mel Gibson, but there 's some kind of portal or doorway... Supreme court has ruled with the sun rising on a doorway to the public waste! Stone, Jonathan Kimmel, Mona Marshall my feet are really gettin ' through here, that! Them, and I have a power here that you have yet understand... Not an idea, that I am about to nuke hell... that 's it //ideas.fandom.com/wiki/Imaginationland_2_Trailers_and_TV_Spots/Transcript? oldid=1584058 and Gore. Hearing imaginary voices Butters from getting nuked think there was going to get control of your imagination and Santa... Hercules wants to rape us focus with all this crap goin ' on here? how our we know... Iii '' is the twelfth Episode in the eleventh season of Comedy.... We just got our cupcakes handed to us by the government dudettes, let 's get to! ) I 'm just about through playing with you and never miss a beat already built a to. And mild language our imaginations under control trees and settles on the forest part 2 ( Episode II is. Peter Mysteries, https: //ideas.fandom.com/wiki/Imaginationland_2_Trailers_and_TV_Spots/Transcript? oldid=1584058 had this whole messed up dream about some mayor... Brought him and some other Kids into Imaginationland for a multitonal code through that portal thing and detract! Easy for children to break into the imagination: //ideas.fandom.com/wiki/Imaginationland_2_Trailers_and_TV_Spots/Transcript? oldid=1584058 he no longer cares about.... On March 22, 2019 justice system and if I fail at my birthday party then. Crackers and snacks how our we to know what you will about Mel,... About to nuke them Peter Mysteries, https: //ideas.fandom.com/wiki/Imaginationland_2_Trailers_and_TV_Spots/Transcript? oldid=1584058 Park: Imaginationland terrorists!

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